Russia completes delivery of Pantsir missile systems to Serbia

The delivery of the Russian Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile systems in the amount stipulated in the Russian-Serbian contract has been successfully completed, announced Dmitry Shugaev, director of the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation of the Russian Federation, in an interview with the Interfax news agency.

Serbia has acquired six Pantsir-S1 missile defense systems. Shugaev said that the systems were sent to Serbia back in February, and now the Russian side has fully completed its contractual obligations. He also noted that external forces tried unsuccessfully to derail the contract by putting pressure on Belgrade.

“The opposition was very strong - the hands of the Serbs were twisted, by the Americans, first of all,” Shugaev said.

Earlier, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic expressed his interest in acquiring the S-400 missile defense system but decided to refrain from the purchase for the time being citing the lack of funds.

“I saw it, it’s an amazing weapon. But we won't buy it because we don't have any money,” Vucic said.

He explained that now a significant part of the Serbian budget is spent on the construction of modern highways in the country.

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