Russia concerned for Israel after Iran withdraws from nuclear deal

Israel, as a long-standing ally of the US, could be at risk now that Tehran has renounced all obligations associated with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (commonly known as the Iran Nuclear Deal), said First Deputy Chairman of Russian Parliament for Defense Alexander Sherin, RIA Novosti reports.

“I think that first Israel, as a close ally of the US and long-standing enemy of Iran, will be at risk. But of course, it could also seriously affect world stability, because we still need to compare the countries which the Americans have been able to do away with. Iran is a completely different country. Perhaps Donald Trump should read a little about the countries, take a look at a map,” Sherin said in parliament.

According to the parliamentarian, by taking out the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in Iraq, Washington has made itself another enemy – Baghdad.

“Now yet another country will remember how much it hates the US – Iraq. Its parliament has voted that no foreign troops must be in Iraq. The Americans now have to deal with this problem with Iraq. They have gained two very powerful enemies in the region in the form of Iran and neighboring Iraq. Accordingly, I think that Iran will seek to create nuclear weapons and will probably get them. The only question is what will happen to Israel then,” he added.

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