Russia conducts air force drills in Black Sea amid Sea Breeze multinational exercises

The Russian Force and Air Defense units conducted training flights over the Black Sea. The exercises involved 10 aircraft, reported the press service of the Russian Navy.

The Russian military has worked out missile and bomb attacks on the ships of the conventional enemy. Su-30SM multirole fighters, Su-24M front-line bombers, Su-27 and Su-34 fighter jets of the Southern Military District were involved in the exercises.

Before the beginning of the "exercise" the Russians conducted reconnaissance against conventional targets in the Black Sea. Pilots have worked out simple and complex tasks from medium and low altitudes, overcoming the means of air defense of "enemy" ships.

In order to "destroy the enemy" at sea, the military carried out missile and bomb strikes on various positions of the “enemy’s” naval group.

The largest in 20 years international military exercise, Sea Breeze-2021, is being held in the Black Sea. Russia tried several times to dissuade the United States from participating in them. 32 countries taking part in Sea Breeze-2021 exercises.

Russia, fearful of Sea Breeze–2021 exercises, has sent its entire Black Sea Fleet to the area, reported the press service of the General Intelligence Directorate of Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

"We see that to monitor the exercises, Russia has sent all the ships to the area, which are now not performing their usual tasks. The aggressor country is trying to demonstrate that it is ready to defend its interests by military force. But Russia clearly lacks the strength and resources in the Black Sea," said the representative of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate, Vadym Skibitsky.

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