Russia conducts exercises of its missile forces in North Ossetia and Stavropol Krai

One of the Southern Military District’s (SMD) missile units, equipped with Iskander missiles, has been put on high readiness state in order to carry out command and staff exercises in Stavropol Krai, SMD spokesperson Vadim Astafyev announced.

“One of the SMD’s missile units, deployed in North Ossetia, has been placed on alert for training purposes, in order to carry out command and staff exercises at the Sernovodsk training ground in Stavropol Krai,” he said.

According to him, the quick response task forces of the Iskander-M tactical missile systems will march in a designated region. The soldiers will have to practice the destruction of imaginary saboteurs, activities under air-raid conditions, traversing contaminated areas, as well as overcoming various barriers and natural obstacles.

Astafyev pointed out that, under field conditions, the task forces will work on the operational capabilities of the missile systems, and will also transport missiles using special transport-loader cars. The Iskander-M task forces will have to detect targets at a significant distance and destroy them by carrying out electronic launches.

 “The task forces worked on a number of activities related to operating missile firing facilities and transport-loader cars,” Astafyev added.

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