Russia demands that the UK provide information on poisoning in Amesbury

The Press service of the Russian Embassy in London stated that Russia demands that the UK share information about the substance which was found in the house of the British citizen poisoned in Amesbury.

“Unfortunately, Russia doesn’t have access to any official information on the poisoning of Sergei and Julia Skripal and other suspicious cases in the UK, since Britain refuses any cooperation with us. We cannot verify any claims by the British side on this matter. As for this case, we have to rely only on the public statements of the British authorities and we are almost convinced that they will not provide any information directly to us,” the statement reads.

“We would like to get the information from the British side on what type of substance was found and if this incident could be related to the mysterious poisoning, which happened near the secret chemical military laboratory of Porton Down,” said the press service.

“We have already demanded that the British side disclose the information on current research and the production of chemical warfare agents. We have not received any reply from the British side yet. This suggests that this incident may be due to a leak from the laboratory. This should not be ruled out,” the press service added.

Earlier, it was reported that a small bottle of Novichok was found in the house of the 45-year-old British citizen who was poisoned in Amesbury.

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