Russia expels Bulgarian diplomat amid spy scandal

Russia is expelling a Bulgarian diplomat in response to the expulsion of a Russian diplomat, who was accused of spying, from Bulgaria. On December 5, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that Bulgarian Ambassador Atanas Krastin received a note stating that Russia declared Bulgarian diplomat persona non grata on a reciprocal basis, and he must leave the Russian Federation within 24 hours.

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that the employee of the Bulgarian Embassy in Moscow is expelled in response to the decision of the Bulgarian authorities to expel the Russian diplomat in October. Other details have not been provided.

In late October, Sofia expelled a Russian diplomat after he ignored a request to leave Bulgaria following an investigation that confirmed that he was engaged in espionage in the country. Then the Russian Ambassador in Sofia was informed that the First Secretary of the Russian diplomatic mission in the Bulgarian capital must leave the country within 24 hours.

  Russia, Bulgaria