Russia explains how Israel managed to destroy Pantsir air defense system in Syria

Israel was able to destroy the Russian anti-aircraft missile system used by the Syrian army only after the Syrian crew made a mistake, and instead of changing its position, it remained in the same location waiting for the ammunition resupply vehicle, said Valery Slugin, the chief designer of the Pantsir system, in an interview with the Russian news agency TASS. The Pantsir system was created in Design Bureau of Instrument Engineering named after academician A.G. Shipunov which is part of the Russian state concern Rostec.

"The Israeli Defense Ministry published a video of the destruction of the Syrian Pantsir. Have you studied this footage, why did they manage to destroy it?" the interlocutor asked Slugin. In response, Slugin said: "This Pantsir of the Syrian Armed Forces managed to hit eight targets, and there were no missiles left. The combat crew left the vehicle and stood nearby waiting for an ammunition resupply vehicle. One person from the combat crew, as seen in the video, ran back. He apparently had left a phone in the car. They were not supposed to do it. It was necessary to immediately remove the combat vehicle from the position after using up the ammunition, immediately, then everything would be fine."

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