Russia hands over to Belarus Iskander-M missiles capable of carrying nuclear payloads

Russia handed over to the Belarusian military the Iskander-M missile systems, which can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear payloads, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu.

"The Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system has been transferred to the Belarusian Armed Forces. It can use missiles in both conventional and nuclear versions. On April 3, at one of the Russian training grounds, Belarusian crews began training to operate it to protect the Union State. The Russian Armed Forces will continue to perform the tasks of a special military operation."

According to Shoygu, some of the Belarusian combat aircraft are now capable to strike enemy targets "with nuclear means of destruction." Shoygu specified that these are retaliatory measures taken in connection with the fact that NATO is carrying out a set of steps to increase its combat readiness, as well as intensifying training, combat and intelligence activities near the borders of Russia and Belarus.

Earlier, Alexander Lukashenko said that he had ordered the military to immediately restore the sites where nuclear warheads were located, and if necessary, he was ready to agree with Putin to deploy strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Earlier, Putin announced the construction of a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. After this Ukraine demanded that an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council be convened. The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said that if the nuclear weapons are deployed in Belarus, the European Union will impose new sanctions.

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