Russia helps China create missile strike warning system

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has been helping China to create a missile strike warning system,reports RBC news agency.

“Perhaps I won’t reveal to you the big secret, but it will still become clear. We are currently helping our Chinese partners to create a missile strike warning system. It’s a very serious thing, which will fundamentally enhance China’s defensive capability. Because at present, only the US and Russia have such a system,” the president said during a session of the Valdai Discussion Club.

Moscow intends to continue working with Beijing in the area of military technology, Putin added.

In May 2019, lieutenant general Robert Ashley, Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, said that China’s nuclear arsenal could double in the next decade. He said that in 2018, China did more ballistic missile launch tests “than the rest of the world combined”.

In a recent interview with Fox News, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that China is a more dangerous opponent to the US than Russia. “I think that in the long-term perspective, China is the biggest problem, taking into account their economic capabilities, political influence, and ambitions,” he said.

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