Russia in first place in the number of lawsuits in the European Court of Human Rights

Russia and Turkey lead in the number of lawsuits filed against these countries in the European Court of Human Rights. Russia leads Turkey twofold.

In 2018, Russia, led by a large margin in the number of lawsuits filed in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). As reported by the ECHR chairman Guido Raimondi there were 12150 complaints filed against the Russian Federation. Turkey is in second place with 6700. In total, last year 43000 lawsuits were received by the court.

Russia leads in the number of accepted complaints filed against it. In 2018, the Russian Federation lost 238 cases (won only five), while Turkey lost 140, and Ukraine lost 86. In 2018, Germany lost two ECHR cases.

For many years, Russia has discussed the possible withdrawal of the country from the European Council, which automatically includes an exit from the ECHR. However, Alexei Navalny, an opposition leader who won a lawsuit against Russia thinks that Moscow will not go for this. “Russia constantly states that they will leave the European Council, but I don’t think this will happen,” stated Navalny, who has a law degree, in an interview with DW in November of last year. For the Russian authorities, in his opinion, “it is imperative to remain a part of at least some European councils. Of course, they constantly try to scare. I think today they will repeat this, but it is unlikely.”

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