Russia leads by number of unfulfilled decisions of European Court of Human Rights

Russia continues to be the leader in noncompliance with judgments ruled by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Moreover, most of the cases have to do with repeated violations of the European Convention or the “friendly settlement” of individual complaints brought by Russian citizens against the Russian government. This information can be found in the Council of Europe’s report on the implementation of decisions for 2018, writes Russian newspaper Kommersant.

According to the report, the Russian Federation has 1585 outstanding ECHR decisions. Turkey is in second place (1237), then Ukraine (923), Romania (309) and Hungary (252).

Interestingly, in terms of the number of decisions fulfilled in 2018, Russia took second place (393), letting Romania take the lead (393).

Russia also ranked second in the amount of compensation awarded in cases against the Russian Federation, in compensation that must be paid by Russian authorities (13,115 million Euros). In this category, Albania (13,453 million Euros) is the only country surpassing Russia. The countries carrying “debts” that are listed after the Russian Federation are Italy, France and Romania (9,792 million Euros, 6,731 million Euros and 5,807 million Euros).

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