Russia overtakes Iran in number of COVID-19 cases

Russia overtook Iran in the number of coronavirus cases and came in 8th place in the world in this indicator. In the past 24 hours alone, 6,411 new cases of infection were reported in Russia in 83 regions, including 3,075 cases in Moscow, the operational headquarters said on Tuesday, April 28. As a result, the total number of people infected in Russia exceeded 93,000.

Only the day before, Russia bypassed China, where the pandemic began. In Russia, at the same time, there are significantly fewer fatalities than in Iran and China - 867 against more than 5.8 thousand in Iran and more than 4.6 thousand in China. In the last 24 hours, 72 more people have died from complications of COVID-19 in Russia.

The U.S. is the absolute leader in both the number of infected and fatalities in the world - 1,010,507, including 56,803 fatalities.

Worldwide, the number of the coronavirus cases has already exceeded three million.

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