Russia prepares a trial batch of new AK-12 for Armenia

In an interview with Kommersant, Vladimir Dmitriev, the head of the Kalashnikov concern stated that a contract was signed with Armenia, for the supply of the new AK-12 automatic weapons. 

According to him, the first batch is ready for delivery. “For now I can say that Armenia will be the first country, besides Russia, to purchase the AK-12. The contract is signed, we are preparing a small batch with approximately 50 assault rifles. They will assess, field test them, and we hope, continue to buy them,” said Dmitriev. 

Testing of the AK-12 was completed in 2017, and starting in January 2018, the automatic weapons began to be delivered to the Russian army. These automatic weapons are 5.45 mm caliber, with magazines interchangeable with guns of the same caliber. There is also the option to install a bayonet, a quick-detachable silencer, and 40mm grenade launchers.


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