Russia promises to respond with nuclear strike to any missile attack

Russia will respond with a nuclear strike to any missile attack on its territory, said the representatives of the Russian General Staff in an article for in the newspaper "Red Star".

Major General Andrey Sterlin and the leading researcher of the Academy at the Russian Armed Forces Alexander Khryapin claim that when the missiles are launched towards Russia, it will not be possible to determine their type. Therefore, "any attacking missile will be considered a missile with nuclear equipment."

Russian senior military officials said that data about the attack will be automatically transferred to the Kremlin, "which, depending on the current situation, will determine the scale of the response of the nuclear forces." The authors insist that "conditions for the use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction by the enemy, which will have a direct impact on critical infrastructure, or aggression using conventional weapons should not raise questions among experts."

The Russian General Staff believes that the purpose of a possible attack is the destruction of Russia as a state. Therefore, the aggressor country " will be crossing red lines, which we do not advise anyone to cross."

If anyone decides to attack Russia, the representatives of the General Staff write, "the answer will undoubtedly be crushing."

In March 2018, Vladimir Putin has already threatened the world with a "global catastrophe."

"As a Russian citizen and the head of the Russian state, I want to ask myself, "Why would we want such a world if Russia is not there?" he said.

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