Russia sends 2 landing ships to Black Sea

2 large landing ships of the Russian Baltic Fleet, Korolev and Minsk, are crossing the Mediterranean Sea on route to the Black Sea, reported the editor-in-chief of the BlackSeaNews website and the head of the Monitoring Group Institute for Black Sea Strategic Studies Andriy Klymenko on his Facebook page.

"5 days ago (as of November 27) they were near the northeastern coast of Algeria. If they do not stop anywhere, we can soon see them in the Black Sea," Klimenko wrote.

According to him, it will take 5-7 days for ships to cross another 1500 miles. Klimenko also said that there is information that all nuclear submarines of the Russian Pacific Fleet from the base in Vilyuchinsk (Kamchatka) sailed out to sea a few days ago.

He also recalled that during the escalation on Ukrainian borders in April, 4 warships from Russian Northern and Baltic Fleets entered the Black Sea. The ships remained in the Black Sea from April 17 to July 7-11.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said that the constant visits of US and other countries to the Black Sea are a "provocation".

  Black Sea, Russia, Ukraine