Russia sends ten armored infantry vehicles to Serbia

On 27 July, Russia delivered ten BRDM-2 armored infantry vehicles with spare parts to Serbia as part of the countries’ military and technological cooperation, the Serbian Defense Ministry announced in a statement.

According to the report, the equipment was received in good condition and in accordance with international regulations, with no hindrances during air transport.

In the statement, the ministry thanked the Russian Defense ministry for the successful cooperation and consistent implementation of the military and technological agreement. The ministry also thanked the commander-in-chief of the Serbian Armed Forces, President Aleksandar Vucic.

According to reports in the Romanian media, Serbia has a contract to acquire 30 tanks and 30 armored transports from Russia. Six BRDM-2 armored transports were delivered on 24 July.

The BRDM-2 is an armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle that can withstand bullets and shrapnel and traverse challenging terrain.

  Russia, BDRM2, Serbia