Russia suspends deliveries of S-400 missiles to China

Russian newest S-400 air defense systems, acquired by China several years ago, were left without anti-aircraft guided missiles because Russia decided to stop supplying these weapons to China, reports the Chinese newspaper Sohu. The Russian side could not name the timing for the resumption of deliveries. It has been almost five months since the supplies have stopped.

"This time, Russia announced the postponement of the delivery of missiles for the Chinese S-400 system. To a certain extent, we can say that it is for the sake of China. Getting a gun is not as easy as signing an invoice after receiving a weapon. They say that the work on delivering these weapons is quite complicated. While China has to send personnel for training, Russia also needs to send a lot of technical personnel to put the weapons into service," writes Sohu.

“The reasons given by Russia are very heartwarming. It turns out that Russia is worried that the delivery of S-400 missiles at this time will affect the anti-pandemic actions of the Chinese army and does not want to cause trouble to China,“ Sohu adds.

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