Russia tests mobile anti-satellite system

The Russian information agency Interfax reports with reference to a source in the Russian Ministry Defense that Russia tested the Tirada-2S, a mobile electronic warfare system intended for disabling foreign communication satellites.

“The Tirada-2S system has already been tested, the state commission gave its recommendations,” the agency’s source said.

In November 2017, the Deputy Head of the 46th Central Scientific Research Institute of the Defense Ministry, Oleg Achasov mentioned the development of a system during a meeting of the Federation Council. He said that the development of the system is included in the Russian state weapons program until 2027.

In the early 2000s, Russia resumed activity in the creation of systems that can disrupt the work of Western satellites. The weapons program till 2027 includes the development of the Rudolph antisatellite strike system. In 2004, Russia launched the Cosmos-2499 satellite, which, according to CNN, is nicknamed Kamikaze and can shoot down other satellites, changing their orbit.

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