Russia threatens Sentsov into quitting hunger strike

Russian doctors threatened Oleg Sentsov that they would start to force-feed him and turn him into “a vegetable” if he does not end his hunger strike, stated Sentsov’s lawyer Victor Dinze in an interview with Meduza news outlet.

 “There was a plan of force-feeding. They gave him time to think. If he doesn’t end his hunger strike by tomorrow, they would start force-feeding him. They would take him to the intensive care department, tie him to bed and insert a tube for force-feeding,” said Dinze.

In addition, doctors told Sentsov that they would “turn him into a vegetable”, the lawyer added.

 “A vegetable – this means he will lie still on his bed with a tube in his nose or mouth. They believe now that he is no longer able to account for his actions. His hunger strike is in a stage when he has reached the point of no return. It is unknown how he will come out of the hunger strike – chances are 50-50,” the lawyer said.

In addition, the lawyer confirmed that Sentsov wanted to continue his hunger strike.

 “If he hadn’t been threatened with force-feeding and physical force, he would have continued his hunger strike. I believe that the intentions of the doctors in the Labytnang hospital were quite serious. It is a civilian municipal hospital,” he explained.

Earlier, it was reported that Oleg Sentsov ended his hunger strike, which lasted for 145 days.

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