Russia to expand military and naval bases in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the government's proposal to sign an amendment to the 2015 agreement on the deployment of a group of Russian military aviation in Syria. The document that has been published on Kremlin’s website of the legal information requests that the Russian Defense Ministry negotiate with the Syrian government the transfer of additional real estate and water area to the Russian military.

"To instruct the Russian Defense Ministry to hold talks with the Syrian side involving the Russian Foreign Ministry and, upon reaching an agreement, sign it,” the document reads.

In accordance with the Russian-Syrian agreement signed in 2015 and the additional protocol to it dated January 18, 2017, the Syrian authorities pledged to transfer the territory on which the Khmeimim airfield is located and its facilities to Russian military for 49 years.

Khmeimim is Russia's largest military base in Syria. In addition, the Russian military uses the Syrian port of Tartus on the Mediterranean coast of Syria. Under the terms of Tartus agreement, the Syrian authorities have transferred to the Russian military for 49 years the coastal zone and water area near the port of Tartus and a number of properties.

  Tartus, Khmeimim, Syria, Russia