Russia to sell Pantsir air defense systems to Serbia

Serbia will buy from Russia Pantsir-S air-defence missile-gun system, reports Interfax news agency, citing a source in Belgrade.

Pantsir-S air defense systems are designed for short-range protection of civilian and military facilities from the air attacks.

Russian military also use Pantsir-S missile systems in Syria. They are used to protect the Khmeimim Air Base, as well as the Russian Navy base in Tartus.

The Russian military expert Alexander Golts doubts the feasibility of the acquisition of defense systems by Serbia. "It is quite difficult to understand if Serbs need these weapons at all. As far as I know, they do not have long-range air defense systems. The Pantsir-S missile system could protect some of their facilities from cruise missiles and drones," said Goltz, as cited by the Insider.

  Serbia, Russia