Russian warplanes fly along the Ukrainian border for the fourth consecutive day

For the last four days Russian combat aircraft have been flying near the Ukrainian border. They fly erratically making sudden turns, TSN reports. Three times in the morning it seemed from the ground that they were flying to Mariupol.

However, after practicing in the air in close proximity to Ukrainian territory, the planes flew to Russia.

At the same time, Russian barges from Taganrog follow in the sea. Sometimes the planes flew straight above or next to the cargo vessels.

“The plane flew in from the occupied territories and circled over our positions,” said a Ukrainian fighter who witnessed the appearance of this uninvited guests.

According to the Deputy Commander of Environmental Protection for Aviation and Air Defense Dmitry Karpenko, the aircraft “are spinning in a circle, 5 km away from the border with Ukraine, go along the border, not crossing it. They make a U-turn in the sea and go in a circle. The general is sure that they were Il-20 and A-50 aircraft.

It is noted that these maneuvers coincided with aggravation on the front line when Donbas militants again began openly using weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements.

Earlier, it was reported that from the beginning of the day until 12:00 on Friday, February 15, militants purposefully fired on Ukrainian Armed Forces defensive positions in the Donbas five times, as a result of which one Ukrainian serviceman was killed. 

  Russia, Ukraine