Russian aircraft practice launching cruise missiles at Ukraine

While Ukrainian aircraft were carrying out drills, Russian planes took off, approached Ukraine’s border as closely as possible, and practiced launching cruise missiles, reported the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“A group of strategic Tu-95 missile-carrying bombers, accompanied by a pair of Russian Su-30 fighters, flew into the airspace of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and practiced the imaginary launch of cruise missiles towards mainland Ukraine,” the command’s Facebook post reads.

The post states that on February 15, while the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian Air Force were carrying out air defense drills, the activity of various components of the Russian Aerospace Forces along the eastern airspace border of Ukraine was intensified.

“Fighters and bombers from the aggressor-state took off from the Kursk, Millerovo, Gvardeyskoye and Saki airports, approaching Ukraine’s national border and the demarcation line as closely as possible,” the Ukrainian Air Force emphasized.
A second division of S-400 Triumph anti-air missile systems was recently deployed in Russian-annexed Crimea.

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