Russia conducts test launches of Kalibr missiles off the coast of Crimea

The submarines “Rostov-on-Don” and “Novorossiysk” from the Russian Black Sea Fleet in annexed Crimea fired Kalibr missiles at ground and above-water targets in the Opuk training area in Black Sea waters, the Russian Defense Ministry press service reported.

“The missiles were fired from a submerged position. During the firing, two practice Kalibr missiles were used. In order to ensure the security of the military exercises and close off the dangerous region, more than 20 combat ships and auxiliary vessels were involved, as well as naval aircraft and the Black Sea Fleet anti-air defense,” the report released yesterday states.

On October 2, ships and submarines from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet set out to begin scheduled military exercises in the annexed Crimea.

The General Staff of Ukraine called the drills illegal.

  Russian military exercises, Crimea, submarines, Kalibr missiles