Russian doctor vaccinated against COVID-19 tests positive for coronavirus

One of the doctors in Russia’s Kuzbass region who was among the first ones to receive the Russian coronavirus vaccine became ill with COVID-19, said the Kuzbass Deputy Health Minister Elena Selenina. .

"We have one case of a medical worker being infected with COVID-19 after vaccination with the first dose of the two-component vaccine," she said, as cited by local news outlet

According to her, the infection was detected on the fifth or sixth day after vaccination, so it is impossible to say that it is directly related to vaccination, as COVID-19 has an incubation period. It also takes time to develop immunity after vaccination, and this case cannot be considered indicative of vaccine inefficiency, the deputy minister said. In total, she said, only 40 doses of vaccine were received in the Kuzbass and only medical workers were vaccinated.

According to the regional COVID-19 operational center, as of the morning of November 15, 183 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the Kuzbass, and six people died. A total of 18,286 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the Kuzbass region since the beginning of the pandemic, and 314 people have died, 9,907 people are under medical supervision.

On November 10, the press service of the regional Health Ministry of the Altai region reported that three medics in the Altai region, who had previously been vaccinated against coronavirus infection COVID-19, tested positive for coronavirus.

Doctors were vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine, which involves two stages (second vaccination 21 days after the first). Immunity is developed only three weeks after receiving the second dose. Doctors could only become infected before they received the first dose, the Ministry of Health said.

Russia now ranks fifth in the world in the number of coronavirus cases, according to Johns Hopkins University. As of November 15, more than 1.910 million COVID-19 cases have been reported in the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

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