Russian government will resign after Putin’s inauguration

On Monday, the Russian government with Dmitry Medvedev as its head will resign. It is expected that a new head of the Cabinet Council will be appointed the next day.

Citing a source in the State duma, Interfax reported that Vladimir Putin will likely name the candidate for the post of prime minister after the inauguration on May 7. This appointment will be discussed at a meeting of the State Duma on May 8. The United Russia party noted that the State Duma “will undoubtedly support the choice of the President.”

After the inauguration, Putin will issue a decree on the appointment of a prime minister, who will sign a petition for the resignation of the Cabinet. Then the head of state will submit the candidacy of the new prime minister to the State Duma.

When the head of government is appointed to his post, he will have to submit proposals to the president regarding the makeup of federal executive bodies.

Earlier, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov could not say whether the Russian President had chosen a candidate for prime minister.

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