Russian military command: tests of Su-57 fighter jets in Syria have been successful

During a briefing with military attaches from foreign countries, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov said that Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets have passed the second stage of tests in Syria, reports the newspaper of the Russian Defense Ministry Krasnaya Zvezda.

"Tests of the fifth-generation Su-57 aircraft are continuing. They were re-tested in Syria, and all the planned tasks have been completed," said Chief of the General Staff.

He noted that during this year, aviation and military units had received 139 modern aircraft. Gerasimov also announced the planned development of the Russian General Purpose Forces.

"The experience of recent armed conflicts, and the operations to combat terrorists in Syria, had given a new impetus to improving the system of defeating the enemy, said Gerasimov.

Su-57 is a multifunctional combat aircraft of the fifth generation, developed by specialists of the Sukhoi Design Bureau. This fighter jet has low visibility and increased maneuverability. The Russian Defense Ministry claims that because of these factors and modern means of destruction, the Su-57 fighter jet is superior to its Western counterparts. Su-57 fighter jet arrived at Khmeimim Air Base in Syria in November 2018.

  Russia, Syria