Russian Navy commander: 100 warships ensure Russia’s presence in the oceans of the world

The Russian Navy consists of more than 100 warships and other vessels, as indicated during an interview with the Commander of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolev by Krasnaya Zvezda.

"The Navy, as befits a fleet of a naval power, has regained its presence in the world. In the far and near sea zones there are over 100 ships in all four fleets," he said.

Korolev stressed that the Russian Navy returned to the World Ocean "solely to ensure the security of the country's interests and maintain stability in the face of the constant appearance of new threats at sea." According to him, the geographical areas of the Navy’s presence has expanded.

The Commander-in-Chief recalled that the operational and strategic command in the Arctic zone had been created, as well as the permanent operational grouping of the Navy in the Mediterranean Sea.

"In terms of the operational time spent by the ships of the Navy, I can note the following data: in 2013 it was 5,900 days, in 2014 it was 12,700, <...> in 2017, 17,100 days," Korolev said.

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