Russian Navy commander: Russia will increase its presence in international waters

The Russian Navy is increasing its presence in the World’s Oceans, according to Vladimir Ivanovich Korolev, the commander-in-chief of the Navy, as stated in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda, the official newspaper of the Russian military department.

According to the commander-in-chief, Sergey Shoygu, the Russian Defense Minister, has assigned this task to the fleet. Korolev also claimed, “We will accomplish this task.” He also emphasized that, “of course, there is no need to look for any aggressive intentions in this.” He also explained, “According to our solid evaluation, the World’s Oceans should be safe for all. The Russian Navy will continue to play one of the leading roles in maintaining the security.”

As Korolev stated, the power of the Russian fleet is “not in question.” He also added that "even stubborn skeptics realize and agree that the zone of action of our naval forces hasn’t been limited by the borders of the internal seas." At various times in the seas and oceans, according to him, “there are from 70 to 100 Russian warships, submarines, and support vessels.”

However, in Korolev’s opinion, in order to increase its presence in World’s Oceans the “rearmament and re-equipment of the Navy” should be constantly carried out. This process, as the Navy Commander-in-Chief noted “ is being conducted non-stop.”

As the Korolev said, “The last five-year plan, during which the foundation of the Navy development was built, is the best and the clearest example of their performance. In the last five years, 64 combat ships and boats have been built for the Navy, including three strategic missile submarines, seven multipurpose submarines, 14 surface ships, and 39 combat boats. These are only the first results of the work to implement the long-term course of our country in the maritime and naval areas.”

Korolev mentioned, “Today, the practice of the fleets movement under the ice of the Arctic has been restored, the construction of fourth generation Borei and Yasen submarines has been deployed.” He also added, that “for more than 300 years of history, the Russian fleet has had differing experiences, some unfavorable.” However, the difficulties, he said, “have always been overcome, since the Navy has always been the object of state care, as an instrument of policy at sea.” he concluded.

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