Newest Russian reconnaissance drone falls apart during flight

Even though the recent tests of the Russian reconnaissance drone Orion in Syria were called successful, and the drone itself is being prepared for adoption by the Russian Army, the drone's test flight over the Ryazan Oblast in Russia was a complete failure, as it fell apart. Prior to disintegrating in the air, the drone cut down a pine tree and almost hit the high-rise buildings, reports Telegraph news channel Gallifreyan technology.

The control over the drone was reportedly lost causing the drone to lose altitude and crash into a tree. However, witnesses report that even during the flight, a part of the drone fell off, and only after that, the drone began to descend.

After cutting down a tall tree, the drone lost fragments of the fuselage, which fell just a few meters from the children's playground and houses, which almost led to a tragic incident.

Representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry have not yet commented on the situation.

  Russia, Orion drone, Syria