Russian officer killed in Syria

Astrakhan-24 news website reported, with reference to the public group “Airborne Brotherhood, that the former senior intelligence officer of the Airborne Forces Alexander Dudchenko was killed as a result of mortar shelling.

It is reported that the deceased was from Astrakhan and was not a regular soldier.

As reported on the Conflict Intelligence Team’s (CITeam) Facebook page, those close to Dudchenko confirmed his death. The news outlet Al-Masdar News indicates that the Russian died in Latakia near the village of Kinsibba. The Syrian military states that the “Front for National Liberation,” a coalition of moderate and Islamist groups of the Syrian opposition, is responsible for his death.

Dudchenko was 33 years old. He served previously in the 98th Guards Airborne Division, which is deployed in the city of Ivanov.

  Syria, Russia