Russian special forces fail to advance in south-western Idlib

Russian special forces were defeated while trying to advance in the southwest of Idlib Province. The pro-Turkish militants repelled the attack, reports the Telegram channel "NORS / in Russian" with reference to local sources.

Fighting between the Russian military and pro-Turkish militant groups broke out in Idlib province, on the border with Turkey.
According to the channel, Russian special forces attempted to take control of the pro-Turkish militants’ positions in the village of Al-Ankawi, in the south-west of Idlib Province. The attack failed.

A month ago, Russian special forces officer Mikhail Klimentsov was killed during a similar attack.

The channel notes that, after the attack failed, Assad military began massive shelling of the territory. The militiamen returned fire.

According to the channel, the situation is extremely tense. Three Turkish Bayraktar TB2 are circling over the area. They are likely to provide fire support to the militias in combat against Russian and Assad forces.

  Syria, Idlib, Russia