Russian spies caught in Poland and Bulgaria

Polish and Bulgarian secret services have exposed Russian spies. The Polish Internal Security Agency detained a Polish citizen, who is suspected of working for the Russian intelligence agencies and possession of illegal weapons.

According to Polskie Radio, Peter S. was detained on October 24 in Warsaw, and he has been sentenced for three months. During the detention, local security forces conducted searches and found illegal weapons, ammunition, hard drives, and documents. It is noted that searches were also carried out in the houses of individuals who were in contact with him.

According to the publication TVP Info, the detained man worked for the Polish Military Property Agency which is a department of a Polish Defense Ministry.

At the same time, in Bulgaria, the Prosecutor's office started an investigation against the Russian diplomat, reports Bulgarian newspaper BGNES.

Investigators concluded that for about a year, the first secretary of the Russian Embassy in Sofia collected information that is classified as a State secret. The man held secret meetings with Bulgarian citizens, including high-ranking officials. It is noted that the spy was interested in information about Bulgaria, the EU, and NATO. The spy was willing to pay his informants for the classified information.

Even though the investigation gathered evidence in this case, the Embassy employee escaped punishment, as he enjoys immunity. After the scandal, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian Ambassador and asked to withdraw the diplomat. According to local media, the spy left the country on October 28.

Earlier, the media reported that the intelligence services of several Western countries had found a secret unit of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, whose activities were aimed at destabilizing the situation in Europe.

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