Russian tourists not in a hurry to leave Georgia after Putin’s flight ban

Russian tourists in Georgia do not see the reason for the quick return home. According to them, the situation in the country is calm, despite the riots organized by the opposition in Tbilisi, reports TourDom news outlet.

The same report gives journalist Yevgeny Zheyda, who is on vacation in Georgia.

"From the first day, we noticed that Georgians do not equate Russian tourists with Russian authorities — there was no negativity towards us, even though you can find people wearing t-shirts with provoking slogans everywhere. Nothing has changed for the tourists after the beginning of the protests," said Zheyda.

Russians, who permanently live in Georgia also reported that there is no aggression towards them. "I have never seen Russophobia towards me," says Maria, who is also a journalist in an interview with RBC News Agency.

The speaker of the Russian Union of Tourism Irina Tyurina said that about 5 to 7 thousand Russian tourists should be transported to Russia by July 8 — the date when flights with Georgia are expected to stop.

Russian authorities have banned flights to Georgia from Russia and also direct flights of Georgian airlines. The Georgian Airways now looking into alternative flights through Armenia. The company would offer passengers Tbilisi — Yerevan — Moscow flights.

Georgian authorities accused Russia of trying to separte the country after the violent opposition protests near the Parliament, which began on June 20.

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