Satellite from Russia’s missile attack warning system burns up in atmosphere

On November 23, the Russian military satellite Kosmos 2422 left earth orbit and burned up in the atmosphere, reports TASS news agency, citing the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Kosmos 2422 satellite was  a part of the orbital early missile attack warning system.

According to the NORAD, the satellite left its orbit on the night of November 23. The last time the spacecraft was detected at an altitude of 80 km. Now, this satellite no longer exists.

Later, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the information, specifying that the event was planned since the satellite has already reached the end-of-life.

Kosmos 2422 is a Russian military satellite of the Kosmos US-K Oko spacecraft series developed at the Scientific and Production Association S.A.Lavochkin. It was launched in 2006 from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Russia is currently forming a new group of satellites for the missile attack warning system. It became possible after the launch of the Tundra spacecraft, which recently joined the military orbital group of satellites.

Simultaneously, with the formation of a new satellite group, Russia gradually decommissions its spacecraft, as satellites of the Kosmos series reach the end-of-life.

On January 5, a similar case was detected by NORAD. Then, the Kosmos 2430 satellite left its orbit and burned down in the atmosphere.

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