SBU questions Saakashvili for more than two hours

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) questioned former Georgian president and leader of the Movement of New Forces party Mikheil Saakashvili for two and a half hours, said the politician’s lawyer Ruslan Chernolutsky, RBC news agency reports.

“Everything happened as it should during questioning, questions were asked. The questioning lasted nearly two and a half hours, and all questions were answered. Everything was done sensitively, there are no complaints against the SBU investigators. The questioning took place as part of the primary criminal case, in which he [Saakashvili] is the defendant,” Chernolutsky reported.

Saakashvili’s questioning took place on Wednesday, January 10, in Kyiv. According to Interfax-Ukraine, Saakashvili gave reporters a short briefing outside the intelligence agency building. “I go to all the questioning, I sign various documents, I take part in various investigative measures, and I regularly appear in court. But we are currently engaging in foolishness, we are doing who knows what, instead of dealing with the case. They mess us all around, and still derive great satisfaction from it,” he said.

The SBU summoned Saakashvili to questioning in December 2017, but at that stage the politician refused. He said that he can “sing” for the SBU, if they want to hear his voice. His lawyer Chernolutsky explained that the politician had received summons to questioning and sample taking at the same time, which is not permitted by legislation.

Saakashvili was summoned again by the SBU on January 5. This time he agreed to talk to investigators.

The former Georgian president faces charges according to Sec. 1 Art. 15 (planning crime), Sec. 2 Art. 28 (collusion), Sec. 2 Art. 256 (collaboration by an official with members of criminal organizations and covering up their criminal activity) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.

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