Sea Breeze exercises to take place in Ukraine

On Monday, July 1, traditional Ukrainian-American exercises Sea Breeze-2019 will start in Odessa, Ukraine, reports State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The exercises will be held at sea, on land, in the air, and underwater. This year for the first time, the participants of the event will also conduct drills on the river. According to the legend of the exercises, the enemy will try to block access to the sea from the Danube river. The ship-and-boat units of Maritime Protection will receive a task to provide an escort of civil transport vessels through the Danube delta to the Black Sea. This training element will involve only the forces of Maritime Protection of Ukrainian State Border Guard Service.

It is planned to conduct several joint drills related to the border service with representatives of Georgian Coast Guard.

Following marine components will be conducted during the exercises: artillery firing, the disembarkation of inspection groups, improvement of the interaction of special units. For the first time, representatives of the Patrol Border unit Dozor, who have the relevant specialization, will participate in specialized diving training.

In July 2018, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the Ukrainian-American exercises Sea Breeze-2018 "an attempt to increase the tension."

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