Serbia promises Russia not to join NATO

Serbia won't join NATO during the presidency of Aleksandar Vučić, said Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin at a meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu, reports TASS news agency.

Vulin stressed that in the "military terms, Serbia remains and will remain neutral. Serbia intends to choose friends and make decisions independently" .

Serbian Defense Minister conveyed to Shoygu "the warmest greetings and personal invitation to come to Belgrade" from Vučić.  Serbian authorities want Shoygu to "personally see how the army of Serbia progressed thanks to the personal participation of the head of the Russian Defense Ministry."

According to Vulin, peace in the Balkans depends on the combat capability of the Serbian army.

Shoygu noted that military cooperation between the two countries is developing very actively. Now preparation for the military exercises is completed. The drills, in his opinion, "will be successful as before," reports RIA Novosti.

Shoygu also said that Russia and Serbia are developing military-technical cooperation, despite the obstacles that others are trying to build. For Moscow and Belgrade, "everything goes according to plan."

According to Vulin,  the cooperation between the two countries in the military sphere is at the highest level in history, Russia and Serbia have never held so many joint events as now. This year both countries conduct about 90 joint military activities.

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