Seven Ukrainians detained in Poland on extradition request from Russia

Between 2016 and 2019, 19 Ukrainians have been arrested in Poland due to Russia placing their details on the Interpol system in connection with an extradition request, Hromadske Radio reports, citing the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

Seven Ukrainians have now been arrested in Poland due to an extradition request from Russia. A Polish court has ruled that another three Ukrainian citizens may not leave the country.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry emphasized that the extradition of four Ukrainian citizens to Russia was not possible, although no reason for this was specified. The whereabouts of another five detainees is not known.

According to the ministry, the Ukrainians were arrested on charges related to legal offenses, including arms trading, drug smuggling and robbery.

“On the one hand, Poland is saying: ‘We keep the international commitments we have taken on, including towards Russia’. But on the other hand – ‘We support Ukraine in its fight against Russia’. In order to find a way out of the situation, a political decision needs to be made: Do you still support Ukraine, or do you keep your international commitments?” said Andrii Mamalyha, representative of the Ukrainian Commissioner for Human Rights.

Ihor Mazur, a veteran of the Anti-Terrorist Operation in eastern Ukraine, was arrested previously in Poland, but has now returned to Ukraine.

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