Ship with American liquefied gas for Ukraine arrives in Poland

A ship carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US and destined for Ukraine arrived at the Polish LNG terminal in Świnoujście on November 19, the US Embassy in Kyiv announced.

“U.S. liquefied gas (LNG) is coming to Ukraine! Another step in helping Ukraine achieve energy independence, a ship carrying the LNG destined for Ukraine arrived yesterday at the Świnoujście, Poland LNG landing terminal in the Baltic Sea,” the embassy wrote on Twitter.

Ukraine signed an agreement in August with the Polish oil and gas company PGNiG to purchase and import American LNG. After regasification, the gas will be introduced into the Polish transmission system in Świnoujście, and subsequently pumped to Ukraine by the end of 2019 through the gas pipeline border connection in Hermanowice. The exact quantity of gas has not been disclosed.

The Ukrainian gas transport company UkrTransGaz and Poland’s PGNiG have extended a contract for the storage of natural gas in Ukrainian underground reservoirs. Naftogaz signed a contract to purchase more than 60 million cubic meters of gas from PGNiG after Russia’s Gazprom refused to supply the gas to Ukraine. The supply from Poland began on the morning of March 2.

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