Since the beginning of 2017 the Ukrainian Army has received 10 aircraft and 875 units of new military equipment

Since the beginning of the year, the Armed Forces of Ukraine has received 875 units of weapons and military equipment, as reported by the official spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Andriy Lysenko, Ukrinform reports.

"Since the beginning of the year, 875 units of weapons and military equipment have been delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including 10 aircraft, 2 helicopters, 67 armored vehicles, 26 missile and artillery armament units, and 319 cargo, ambulance, and passenger vehicles," Lysenko said.

According to him, this year, based on the results of state tests, 17 new and upgraded weapons and military equipment were put into service. Among them the Corsar light portable anti-tank missile system, Vulcan special automatic rifles, 30-mm automatic cannons, 7.62-mm sniper rifles, Kozak-2 armored cars, and others.

Over the past two years, the Armed Forces have received 36 types of weapons and military equipment.

The administration of US President Donald Trump is hesitant to arm Ukraine.

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