Navalny reveals details of Putin's secret palace: Striptease, casino and ice-skating complex

The Anti-Corruption Foundation headed by Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny has published new details about Vladimir Putin's palace at Cape Idokopas near Gelendzhik. The entrepreneur Sergey Kolesnikov was the first to reveal the details about this residence in 2010, and after the scandal broke, in 2011, the palace was officially taken over by businessman Alexander Ponomarenko. The publication Vedomosti wrote that Ponomarenko, in fact, bought the palace with Transneft's money. The Anti-Corruption Foundation in its investigation claims that the building is being maintained with the money of state-owned oil giants Rosneft and Transneft, and that after the fictitious sale the palace still remains Putin's residence.

The Foundation published detailed plans and photos of the palace . As it turned out, there is an underground five-storey bunker, a 2,500-square-metre greenhouse, an amphitheatre and an 80-meter bridge over a ravine leading to a tea house. There is a special tunnel in the mountain that allows one to get out to the sea.

Under the helipad is an ice palace. The church in its background looks quite tiny.

The property is built so that it is impossible to get close to it on the ground, sea or air. As the Foundation clarifies, the residence has its own dock, security, church, checkpoint and no-fly zone. People who work there are not allowed to bring even a simple mobile phone with a camera. Arriving cars are inspected at the checkpoint, trunks and glove compartments are searched.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation published the interiors of the halls of Putin's palace. In particular, it has a hookah room with a stripper dance pole.

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