Students in Russian Kuban region will have to memorize news from Russia’s Channel 1 as part of their homework

In Krasnodar Krai, schools will begin holding five-minute information sessions where children recite what they have seen on Channel One News. Kuban officials from the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth Policy say the measure will increase the "effectiveness of civic-patriotic education."

As reported by the Golos Kubani (Voice of Kuban) website, starting from September 1, 2017, all educational organizations of the Krasnodar Region are recommended to conduct weekly, five-minute informational sessions in all school grades during the first lesson.

The Director of school No.5, Deputy of the Tuapse City Council from the United Russia party, Igor Ivannikov said in his interview with Ekho of Moscow radio station that these informational five-minute sessions will be devoted mostly to political events. The innovation will apply to pupils of all grades.

Ivannikov claims that such an activity will not interfere with the educational process. Earlier, parents wrote in social networks that during these informational five-minute sessions, children in the Tuapse secondary school number 5, where the United Russia party’s deputy acts as a director, would be obliged to talk about what they had seen on Channel One on Sunday.

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