Sudan suspends construction of Russian Naval base

The Sudanese authorities have suspended an agreement with Russia to establish a naval base in the Red Sea, reports TASS with reference to Al Arabia news channel. In addition, Sudan suspends "any new deployment of the Russian military" to any of Sudan’s gulfs.

According to the Russian news website, Sudan revised its military-technical cooperation agreement with Russia after a group of U.S. military recently made a visit to this African country, apparently offering Sudan better terms.

The construction of a Russian Navy logistics facility in Sudan was reported last November. Under the terms of the agreement, Sudan would lease to the Russian Navy a base for deployment of up to four warships, including nuclear-powered ones. The construction work has already begun on the allocated territory.

This January, Sudan joined the so-called "Abraham Accords" with Israel and in April repealed a law, which was in force since 1958, allowing the authorities to fine and even sentence anybody for contacts and trade relations with Israeli companies or  Israeli citizens.

  Sudan, Russia