Putin’s aide Surkov welcomes new US proposals on Ukraine

Assistant to the Russian President Vladislav Surkov stated in the follow-up of the meeting with US State Department’s Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker that the new US proposals on the settlement of the situation in the southeast of Ukraine seemed fully attainable to him, TASS reports.

The subject of the talks that took place in Dubai on January 26 was the deployment of the UN mission in the southeast of Ukraine.

"The Americans brought much more constructive proposals this time. The ‘Dubai package’ of American groundwork, in contrast to the 'Belgrade' suggestions, looks clearly achievable overall. At least at first glance," Surkov stated.

He also noted that it was a "rather detailed plan for a step-by-step deployment of the [UN] mission in conjunction with the implementation of the Minsk agreements' political items."

"We shall study it carefully and give our response in due course. After that, we shall invite Kurt [Volker] and his colleagues to a new meeting," Surkov said.

This is Surkov and Volker’s fourth meeting. Last year they met in Minsk and in Belgrade.

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