Syria claims to have repelled Israeli air attack

Syrian anti-air defense systems reportedly destroyed a number of “hostile air targets” in the region of Al-Kiswa, which lies south of Damascus, reported the news agency Alalam, citing Syrian TV.

Syrian agency SANA also reported the attack citing a source in the Syrian military.

“Our anti-air defense divisions responded to an attack by several hostile targets in the region of Al-Kiswa, and shot them down,” the source stated, clarifying that while the attack was being repelled, the Syrian anti-air systems also “had dealings with other targets”. Alalam did not specify where the other targets were located or whether they were destroyed.

A source later told SANA that the Syrian military was “continuing to defend” but did not mention any more specific details.

A source in the Syrian security structures told RIA Novosti that the Syrian anti-air defense systems had shot down an Israeli military aircraft and four missiles in the region over Al-Kiswa. The Israeli weapons reportedly did not hit their targets.

SANA later published a video of the anti-air systems firing, periodically lighting up the night sky.

The Israeli military denied the reports that they had lost a plane over Syria.

IDF spokesman Avichay Adraee tweeted that the “urgent reports about an Israeli plane or airstrike are false”.

Al-Kiswa is located in the Damascus province, roughly 20 km from the capital. According to the Times of Israel, the IDF has bombed it since Israel believes it is being used as a base for Iranian forces in Syria.

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