Syria gives Russia additional land and water area to expand Khmeimim airbase

Syria has agreed to give Russia additional land and water area to expand the Khmeimim airbase. The protocol to the initial agreement on the deployment of the Russian aviation group in Syria has been published on the Kremlin’s website of legal information.

According to the agreement, the land in the Latakia province will be used to build medical health and rehabilitation center of the Russian aviation group.

Subsequently, Syria intends to give Russia the rights to use a 8-hectare plot of land for the duration of the agreement on which the buildings will be located. Russia will also receive the water area of the same size.

The protocol was signed on July 21 in Damascus and July 30 in Moscow.

In August 2015, Russia and Syria signed an agreement to host a Russian aviation group in Syria. For this purpose, Syria provided Khmeimim airfield, located 25 km south of Latakia.

  Khmeimim, Russia, Syria