Syria reports another missile attack

Syrian air defense systems have detected and destroyed missiles that were launched from the direction of Lebanon towards the city of Masyaf, reports Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). According to the agency, some of the missiles reached the ground facilities.

SANA does not name a country that was behind the attack  but reminds that the air defense of the Syrian army has repeatedly repelled the attacks of Israel and the United States.

Al-Masdar News reported earlier this month that Russian S-400 air defense systems had been deactivated in the area due to the completion of the deployment of Russian S-300 systems in October last year.

The S-300PM-2 radar system in Masyaf is located about 1200 meters higher than the Russian S-400 radar in Khmeimim. This will allow increasing the coverage area over Syria and will improve the detection of aircraft.

In April 2019, the media reported that Israel conducted an airstrike on Syria.

"Despite the failure to protect the Syrian airspace, the Russian Defense Ministry has not yet reported on why the radar used for the Syrian S-300 could not detect Israeli aircraft and why the information about the attack was not provided to the Syrian air defense system," noted news outlet.

A few days earlier US publication National Interest wrote that Russian-supplied S-300 air defense system had not been activated during attacks of Israel on several facilities of the terrorist infrastructure in Syria because of fear of new sanctions.

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