Syrian opposition accuses Russia of conducting an air strike on a refugee camp

On Tuesday, March 20th, the province of Idlib, which is part of the de-escalation zone in Syria, was bombed by Russian aircraft. The refugee camp in Khas was bombed, resulting in the death of 10 civilians and an additional 15 injured, the Anadolu news agency reported.

A representative of the Syrian opposition, Abu Raed, told the agency that an air strike was carried out by a Russian Su-24 plane, which took off from the Khmeimim air base in Latakia.

The head of the Syria Civil Defense (White Helmets), Mustafa Haj Yusuf, noted that the bombing took place at night.

On the same day, a market was fired on in Damascus, resulting in at least 35 deaths and more than 40 injured. The Syrian state news agency put the responsibility for the incident on the insurgents of Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center suspects Russia of an air attack on a school in the city of Irbin in Eastern Ghouta, resulting in the destruction of the building and death of 15 children and 2 women, as well as another 50 injured civilians.

Earlier, Russia blocked the UN resolution on the ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta, which prevented humanitarian convoys from reaching civilians and wounded in the war zone.

The second time, the UN Security Council, with the votes of all 15 members, adopted a resolution demanding a 30-day ceasefire in Syria. The document notes that the ceasefire must be introduced immediately, but at the same time, the resolution does not provide for any measures to maintain a regime of silence.

Despite the adopted resolution of the UN Security Council, Assad continued shelling the area. Hundreds of thousands of people in the Eastern Ghouta region are being subjected to a hunger siege.

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