EU ready to allocate funds to Ukraine for improvement of transport connection with Mariupol

The European Union is ready to finance the improvement of the transport connection between Mariupol and the rest of Ukraine, reported the press service of the the Ministry of Infrastructure after the meeting between Ukraine's infrastructure minister Volodymyr Omelyan and EU Ambassador Hugues Mingarelli.

Mingarelli said that Brussels is ready to support the projects for the improvement of the Zaporizhia-Mariupol railway link and the construction of the Mariupol-Mykolaiv freeway.

Kyiv and the EU are planning to conduct a feasibility study for both projects involving funding by the European Investment Bank.

According to Omelyan, the development of the infrastructure of the Azov region is an important project both in terms of enhancing security and in terms of economic and socio-cultural development in the region.

Mariupol is the largest city in the Ukraine-controlled part of the Donetsk Oblast.

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